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It's the OSS Game, now on the web. Experience life at my old high-school. Try to get a high score. Students say "It's better then going to class," and "This game sucks; where's the graphics?"

Recent update Void; the best game ever for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Some popular pages: EV Nova utilities and guides; TI-83 programmes, for students whose school is living in the 80's; Obfuscator, a stream cipher private-key encryptor; courses that I've taken; created using MakeIndex, a content-generator that simplifies updating large pages; and QBasic software from when I was twelve (apparently cool.)

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Documents, including articles, coursework, stories, etc.
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Art, screen captures, icons, photos, 3D, Escape Velocity, Quake, Smaug, etc.
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Because ninjas are cool.
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I don't have any news; I just wrote a newsfeed parser into MakeIndex because newsfeeds are cool.
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