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This is a utility for EVN that looks up which bits have which missions associated with them. Also useful for plug-in developpers since all the mission bits are here, the free ones are all the ones that are not.

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Escape Velocity (The Game) stuff.
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be-1.0.10 (15 KB)
This is a run of Bit Extractor on 1.0.10 stock.
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If you prefer, you can download the Java Bytecode and you only need "java," which you probably have (somewhere.) Run from the command-line java -jar BitExtractor.jar.
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This is the Java code.
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Makefile (0 KB)
This is the Makefile for BitExtractor, if you have "javac."
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names-1.0.10 (107 KB)
A Bit Extractor run with mission names in addition to numbers. Much better.
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From http://neil.chaosnet.org/media/escape-velocity/BitExtractor/.