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Cdoc is a light weight, JavaDoc-style, documentation generator for C. It is not aware of C, but searches in your file for the double asterisk '** ' comment. It does not support ascii art (three or more asterisks are not recognised.) It does not support writing html in your source code, and escapes '<>&' in html mode; placing two new lines is sufficient to start a new paragraph.

The following symbols are recognised: \url{url}, \cite{word}, \see{reference}, \${math}, and {emphasis}. Cdoc decides based on context of the following code whether it goes in the preamble, functions, or declarations. It uses simple, but inexact heuristic, which may become confused. It supports macro-generics if you write them just like void A_BI_(Create, Thing)(void); it will transform it into void CreateThing(void).

Each-expressions must come first on the line. Cdoc recognises: @param, @author, @since, @fixme, @deprecated are accepted globally; @title, @std, @version are accepted in the preamble; @return, @throws, @implements, @allow are accepted before functions. The title is set by @title. Functions that are marked static as the first modifier are not included unless one marks them by @allow. The @param and @throws have an optional sub-argument separated by ':' or a new line that splits the "expression: description."

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The source code is hosted at GitHub.
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